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MaloneBailey, LLP Gives New Meaning to Work-Life Balance During Busy Season

Contact: Caroline Rosen 

Houston, TX, February 15, 2018 – MaloneBailey, LLP, a public accounting firm based in Houston, rolls out a creative campaign to ensure staff experience a genuine balance between work and life year-round and especially during busy season, which typically begins in February and extends to late May. Through a variety of innovative initiatives that stand out from the crowd, staff experience a tangible and meaningful approach to the term “work-life balance” at MaloneBailey. These iniatives, among others, have landed MaloneBailey a spot on Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® list for the last five years.

In 2009, MaloneBailey created the NextGen Council to explore and understand the issues, concerns and recommendations of tomorrow’s leaders. Because management understands and anticipates that the firm will eventually belong to the next generation, the partner group wants to know what matters most to tomorrow’s leaders. The NextGen Council is responsible for affecting change at MaloneBailey. Whether it is as simple as the kind of coffee machine we have to important and impactful policy changes affecting Paid Time Off (PTO) or banked time, this Council’s voice has led to improvements at the firm.

“The NextGen Council is a testament to the esteem and importance we place upon our staff. The goal is to provide a comfortable and fulfilling work environment that enables our people to capitalize on the many opportunities we offer to cultivate their career growth and maximize their experience as accountants and CPAs at MaloneBailey, said Allan Dulany, Chair of the NextGen Council.

A social element is tightly woven into MaloneBailey’s culture year-round and especially during busy season. From busy season kick off and wrap-up parties to bi-monthly birthday and milestone celebrations, MaloneBailey supports a dose of fun and games to balance out the rigors of challenging account work. Whether we are celebrating the Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, showing support for local community initiatives such as the MS 150 or demonstrating pride and loyalty by donning our favorite sports teams’ jerseys, there are a plethora of Fun Friday opportunities to show some spirit, get dressed up and celebrate an occasion or special event. Weekly games of “Guess That Baby” take place during busy season where the office tries to match the baby photo correctly to someone on the MaloneBailey team. The firm also brings in massage therapists during busy season for neck and shoulder massages, which are always a hit. The game room is a  popular attraction for staff to take a break and recharge. With ping pong and foosball tables, a Wii console and a putting green as well as cornhole, giant jenga and a dart board, MaloneBailey brings a whole new definition to the term ‘break time.”

 “One of most enjoyable aspects of MaloneBailey’s firm culture is the effort that management makes to provide fun and creative stress outlets through frequent firm events. Accounting work is demanding, even consuming at times. MaloneBailey events leave you re-energized and ready to tackle the next project on your plate and they also create a sense of family between the staff.” said Tony Duelm, Experienced Audit Staff.

Employee recognition is also a key element of MaloneBailey’s work-life balance mix. The Outstanding Achievement Award is given every other month to an employee whose act, behavior or effort exemplifies going above and beyond in the areas of teamwork and collaboration, client service or leadership.

“There is nothing like feeling recognized and appreciated, especially when it comes to work; it’s incredibly meaningful and very encouraging. We look forward to the bi-monthly celebrations to see who will be named the next Outstanding Achievement Award recipient. It’s always very exciting for that deserving individual. And it is one of the contributing factors of healthy competition among us,” said Dawn Bongiovanni, Supervising Senior, February and October 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award recipient and Employee of the Year for 2017.

In addition to the Outstanding Achievement Awards, management at MaloneBailey makes sure to recognize and appreciate the office as a whole. Whether it is the annual appreciation lunch for the administrative team or the partners cooking and serving pancakes and waffles to the entire office, leaders of the firm are involved and have their own meaningful way to express gratitude.

Vacation and Paid Time Off (PTO) during non-busy seasons are encouraged. A massive bulletin board situated next to the training room featuring a life size map and personal photos pinpoints the many travel memories experienced by staff on the global stage. This public display of “globe trotting” demonstrates the firm’s celebration of travel, experience and simply taking a break. From Lima to Libya and San Antonio to Singapore, MaloneBailey staff give global glory to the concept of PTO.

Unhealthy eating habits and a lack of physical activity are a common concern for accountants and CPAs during busy season. Standing desks and yoga balls as office chairs have become quite the norm around the office to combat these busy season concerns. The firm also provides fresh fruit weekly as well as healthier lunch options three times per week. A number of MaloneBailey staff even partake in a daily stair-climb challenge to remind everyone to get up and get a little exercise during that mid-afternoon slump.

“In an effort to keep our minds, bodies, and spirits in tip-top condition, we have focused on staying healthy and keeping our sanity while we're working long hours to push out audits It is a concerted and collaborative effort to keep health a priority, and to ensure that we all take care of ourselves and each other during the stresses of busy season,” said Aaron Alanis, Audit Senior.  

MaloneBailey’s relentless commitment to work-life balance is and will continue to be embedded and enhanced by MaloneBailey’s core values:

  • Our people - whose professional commitment and expertise is unmatched
  • Client service standards - that guarantee the delivery of superior auditand consulting services
  • Integrity - an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest level of integrity in all that we do
  • Our focus - a strong sense of passion for helping our clients and employees achieve their goals
  • Enduring relationships - that demonstrate loyalty and satisfaction
  • Work-life balance - a genuine balance between work and personal time that ensures a productive and fulfilling work environment
  • A team approach - to guarantee the best overall solutions and guidance for our clients

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