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Our comprehensive service offering includes a focus on SEC-regulated companies. We deliver small public company audit efficiencies with the GAAP expertise our clients require and expect.

Our public company audit practice is built around the reality that small public companies have unique debt and equity transactions that neither private nor larger public companies have. Such transactions are frequently complex, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the attendant rules that only comes from frequent practice and study.

With substantial direct partner involvement in each engagement, we work to reduce our clients’ regulatory headaches and fees, allowing them to focus on the fundamentals of running their businesses while we help guide them through the sometimes complex mechanics of SEC processes.

Because we’re a medium-sized firm comprised of partners with big national and local firm backgrounds, we are able to deliver big-firm quality audits efficiently – without charging big firm fees. 



Their website says it all: Deep Knowledge and Expertise, Agile and Efficient, Quality and Full-Service. Their expertise has proven vaulable to us time and time again.


Kendall Carpenter, EVP and CFO
Drone Aviation Holding Corp.

As a result of our unique approach at MaloneBailey, LLP, we proudly serve a substantial number of small public companies. We believe this offers a distinct advantage, providing us much more experience conducting SEC audits and working with the SEC on small public company matters.

Our practice is unique with dedicated SEC audit partners and full time SEC audit staff who work solely on public company clients.  MaloneBailey’s market expertise is often sought out by national newspapers and leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Accounting Today, Houston Business Journal and many more. Our partners also share their insights and perspectives at conferences, seminars and events.

We Don’t Make the Rules, We Make Sure You Follow Them

The PCAOB, AICPA, FASB and other regulatory and accounting profession bodies are charged with accounting profession rule-making. The SEC makes rules when they deem the accounting profession is postponing decisions or refusing to make specific rules. The PCAOB and SEC rules apply only to public companies, and usually only where accounting profession rules are not applicable or specific enough.

In order for you to ensure that you are in compliance with these rules, your accounting firm must be familiar. To be most familiar, your ideal accounting firm must audit enough public companies to keep such experience and knowledge current. The full-time SEC partners and staff at MaloneBailey, LLP give you the most efficient and thorough team available in the country.

We Recognize Audit Risk Issues

To an auditor, audit risk is the risk of the auditor’s opinion being incorrect.  To an investor, audit risk is the risk of having one or more errors in the published financial statements. The experience and business acumen of your auditor will affect their audit judgment. Larger audit firms are often inefficient at assessing the audit risk of smaller companies, because they generally don’t have as much small public company audit experience.

A smaller firm who is more adept in small public company audits may use more robust footnote disclosures for major transactions to reduce the risk of errors that might affect an investor’s trading decisions, thereby reducing the risk of financial reporting errors and litigation.

At MaloneBailey, LLP, our extensive small public company audit experience allows us to work with you to better ensure compliance with the appropriate governing bodies and to reduce your reporting headaches.

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