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Agile and Efficient

We’re one of the big guys, but we don’t act like it.

Clients choose MaloneBailey because we have successfully delivered unparalleled service through high levels of quality and efficiency. We have developed methodologies for delivering competent and cost-competitive engagements timely. In addition, MaloneBailey maintains state-of-the-art technology to work in the most efficient manner possible. We are 100% paperless, increasing our flexibility on fast turnaround and complete service. We anticipate your needs and your frequent deadlines and work within those parameters to always be there for you.

We have extensive experience navigating the complexities of SEC compliance. We take pride in combining our responsive problem-solving capabilities with a proactive approach to render a smooth and positive client experience. The efficiency and integrity inherent in MaloneBailey’s SEC audit methodology facilitates our ability to serve clients as active, business advisors while adhering to the rules of independence.

Our small public clients share a similar profile:

  • Going public via a “reverse merger” with a publicly-traded shell, where national accounting firms are not as familiar with this process.
  • Having an entrepreneurial CEO who works full-time on site and is a major stockholder. The CEO and/or the CFO are involved in day-to-day transactions in smaller, tightly-controlled lean companies. This is called “management override” in auditing lingo. Because national firm personnel are trained in “systems auditing” and not “transaction-based auditing,” they are often not as experienced or as efficient in transactional-based auditing where management override exists. Utilizing them in such an environment can be very expensive.

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