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From Our Clients’ (Current & Former) Viewpoint


"Steven and his team at MaloneBailey are very knowledgeable and reliable. They constantly provide the proper accounting guidance, especially when it comes to complex equity and debt instruments. They are always available to meet stringent deadlines when it comes to audits, quarterly reviews, and acquisition accounting. We look forward to continue working with Steven and his team as our Company grows."     

Antonio Estrada Jr., CFO, Digerati Technologies, Inc. 

"Steven Vertucci has been responsive and provided clear guidance and problem solving auditing and accounting services at market competitive rates.  We are a fast growing complex biotechnology company that has gone through a complex re-organization and capitalization in preparation for filing a Form 10 to return to reporting status with the SEC.  Steve and his team at MaloneBailey has provided the auditing and accounting platform for us to succeed in an ever changing regulatory environment with both the SEC and the FDA."

John R. Evans, CFO & Chairman of the Board, Vitro Biopharma Inc.

"We have been very grateful to have MaloneBailey as our auditors. They’re in-depth understanding of complex accounting issues, their flexibility and organization, have made them a pleasure to work with."

Margaret Gezerlis, CFO, VerifyMe

"Their website says it all: Deep Knowledge and Experience, Agile and Efficient, Quality and Full-Service. As a small-reporting company, their expertise has proven valuable to us time and again. With MaloneBailey on our team, we are confident that our audits will be well planned, fairly priced and completed on time."

Kendall Carpenter, EVP and CFO, Drone Aviation Holding Corp.

"MaloneBailey has superior knowledge and understanding of the issues facing publicly traded companies. Since switching to MaloneBailey from one of the top six firms, we have received better advice and timely service at a far more reasonable price."

Stuart Beath, CFO, Fuel Performance Solutions

"Even if Steven Vertucci and MaloneBailey didn't offer the best value proposition for public company audits in today's complex and rapidly changing regulatory environment, we would still pick them. Quite simply put, they are the best at what they do and we have experience with Big Four firms as well as top national firms. They do a particularly outstanding job when faced with the challenges arising from complex equity and debt transactions as well as mergers and acquisitions."

Roger Baresel, President, Fullnet Communications, Inc.

"MaloneBailey has quickly become one of our most critical and trusted partners. From audits and complex public filings to assistance on acquisitions and other corporate initiatives, MaloneBailey's expertise has been critical to our success. The Firm's advice has become an integral part of our process. We look forward to continuing and further deepening our relationship in the years to come."

Jeffrey Piermont, CAO, Boston Omaha Corporation

"The team at MaloneBailey understands our business and is able to advise us on the appropriate accounting firm practices better than firms we’ve worked with in the past – including members of the Big Four and large regional firms, too. Their ability to focus on the key issues has been refreshing and we’re confident in the guidance they provide."

Sandra Tristan, CFO, Dyna Group International, Inc.

"Steven Vertucci and his team at MaloneBailey are vastly superior to the auditors we’ve used in the past. Steven’s timely and creative responses to problems has made MaloneBailey an invaluable part of our management team.”

Kye Abraham, President, LKA International, Inc