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Public Company Audit Services (U.S.)

Actively Advising and Adhering to the Rules of Independence

Since MaloneBailey’s founding in 1982, our commitment to deliver audit services to public company clients has enabled our practice to become one of the largest in the United States with continued growth. We are among the top firms in the world representing a substantial number of issuers, including NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC listed companies. We also provide tax and consulting services to publicly-traded companies.


MaloneBailey has superior knowledge and understanding of the issues facing publicly traded companies. Since switching to MaloneBailey from one of the top six firms, we have received better advice and timely service at a far more reasonable price.

Stuart Beath, CFO
Fuel Performance Solutions

Guided by a passion for helping companies meet SEC compliance requirements, our methodologies are designed for SEC audit specialization. Through this approach, dedicated partners and staff achieve greater competencies and time efficiencies simultaneously. A distinct advantage to our clients is evident in our depth of experience and specialized SEC audit practice.

We have extensive experience navigating the complexities of SEC compliance. Open and constructive communication with the SEC is complemented by our ability to identify and efficiently resolve issues. We take pride in combining our responsive problem-solving capabilities with a proactive approach to render a smooth and positive client experience. The efficiency and integrity inherent in our SEC audit methodology facilitates our ability to serve clients as active business advisors while adhering to the rules of independence.

Clients choose MaloneBailey because we have successfully delivered unparalleled service through high levels of quality and efficiency. Our vision to change the way auditing and accounting are done for small-cap companies has, over time, translated into the reality that we deliver higher quality audits with the GAAP expertise our clients require and expect. We have developed methodologies, designed for SEC audit specialization, for delivering competent and cost-competitive small public company audits quickly that will withstand SEC scrutiny.


Public Company Services

  • SEC and NASD regulated audited annual reporting and unaudited interim reporting for reporting companies (‘34 Act compliance)
  • Registration statements and IPOs (‘33 Act and Regulation A compliance)
  • Assistance with the planning process
  • M & A financial due diligence
  • Consultation on complex accounting issues
  • Audit of employee stock purchase plans and similar savings plans (Form 11-K)
  • Tax services

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