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Tax Services

Beyond the Numbers: Communicating What Numbers Mean to You and/or Your Business

MaloneBailey delivers tax planning, compliance and consulting services to individuals and businesses, both privately-held and publicly-traded. We specialize in oil and gas taxation and we have experience with M&A transaction tax planning and calculation. Our tax service offering includes inbound international tax compliance and advisory services.

Strategic tax planning requires seasoned tax professionals who are equipped with knowledge of the ever changing tax rules and regulations, as well as industry requirements, that may affect you or your business. Our team of tax experts are available year-round, not just around deadlines, to provide advice on your tax needs. From making decisions on whether or not to invest in a new portfolio company to decisions on how to structure a merger or acquisition, our clients turn to us for our advice. As our clients also look to us to maximize tax benefits while mitigating tax risks, we proactively examine every available option before arriving at the final solution.

MaloneBailey’s comprehensive tax service offering includes:

Individual Tax Services:

  • Federal and state tax filing requirements
  • High net worth individual tax planning
  • International tax compliance and foreign financial asset reporting
  • IRS audit representation and penalty abatement

Business Tax Services:

  • Federal and state tax filing requirements
  • Tax provision preparation and support
  • International tax compliance and foreign financial asset reporting
  • Tax consulting services and special projects
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Merger and acquisition tax services
  • IRS audit representation and penalty abatement

Oil and Gas Taxation

The energy sector presents its own set of unique tax challenges. MaloneBailey, LLP is prepared to meet those challenges with a depth of experience advising on tax issues that are unique to the oil and gas industry. Our clients understand the importance of selecting advisors who appreciate the history and evolution of oil and gas tax issues, given the sparseness of Code provisions and ever-changing tax environment that exists today. Our team has the experience that clients need when dealing with such complex issues and intricacies of the details of the depletion or intangible drilling cost rules.


  • Tax Depletion Calculations
  • Intangible Drilling Cost Analysis
  • Tangible Drilling Cost Planning
  • Active vs Passive Income Planning
  • Small Producers Tax Exemption
  • Alternative Minimum Tax Planning

For more information about our tax service offering, please contact Nicole Zhao.