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MaloneBailey, LLP Announces Launch of Podcast Series, Everybody Counts

Contact: Caroline Rosen 

Houston, TX, August 2, 2017 – MaloneBailey, LLP, a public accounting firm based in Houston, Texas, announced today the launch of its new podcast series, Everybody Counts, which features various perspectives on a variety of both technical and non-technical topics.   The podcast provides a platform to cover topics related to SEC and FASB updates as well as topics that address firm culture, practice management, softs skills and more. 

“This podcast is an exciting new platform for our firm and offers an outlet for all levels of the firm to participate and voice their perspectives on all different kinds of topics,” stated Caroline Rosen, Marketing and Communications Manager, MaloneBailey, LLP. “One episode, for example, could be about one of the latest FASB updates with one of the partners while another could be about debunking busy season myths with some of our newer employees. We aim to appeal to our clients, service providers, employees and even prospective employees – anyone in our space.  It truly is a versatile conversation that we hope everyone is able to gain perspective from.”

According to a 2017 Edison Research study, 42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, which is 15 percent of the total US population. For comparison, only three percent of Americans go to the movies weekly.  MaloneBailey is excited to jump in on this popular medium and provide relevant information for its listeners.

Episodes of Everybody Counts can be found on the Resources page of MaloneBailey’s website, www.malonebailey.com. There will also be a featured episode of Everybody Counts in MaloneBailey’s monthly SEC & FASB Updates newsletter. Readers can sign up for the newsletter on the Resources page of their website. Listeners can also follow MaloneBailey’s Vimeo page to be alerted when new podcasts are released. MaloneBailey intends to make the podcast available on other platforms in the near future.

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