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AI and the Future of Accounting: What Are We In For? Part One

INSIDE Public Accounting, November 2017 

George Qin, Audit Partner, participated in a virtual discussion hosted by INSIDE Public Accounting to discuss technology and how artificial intelligence could change the future of the profession. Qin, along with other prominent members of the accounting community nationwide, provided his thoughts about how AI might have a role in transforming the profession. The perspectives are varied and insightful.To read the article, click here.

Qin considers the advent of AI to be an exciting opportunity, not a frightening threat. He believes audit quality will improve because, for the first time, auditors will be able to test entire populations of data rather than limited samples, and in a fraction of the time. With more data to analyze, auditors can get a clearer picture of the financial condition of the client and the ability to more easily and quickly detect irregularities or fraud. 

The participants in the virtual discussion are: Harry McCracken, technology editor for Fast Company magazine; Steven Harris, PCAOB board member; Tom Hood, Maryland Association of CPAs CEO; Greg Ip, a Wall Street Journal reporter; and George Qin, an audit partner at Houston-based MaloneBailey.

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