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MaloneBailey, LLP Announces June 2018 Promotions

Contact: Raven Fournier

Houston, TX, July 18, 2018 – MaloneBailey, LLP, a  public accounting firm based in Houston, Texas, announced today that employees in its Houston, Beijing and Shenzhen offices have received promotions for their hard work and dedication. The following individuals received promotions:

Houston Office

  • Lam Ha – Audit Senior Manager
  • Julia Zhang – Audit Manager
  • Tony Duelm – Audit Senior
  • Christy Li – Audit Senior
  • Tim Bond – Experienced Audit Staff
  • Jerry Herrmann – Experienced Audit Staff
  • Lisa Han – Experienced Audit Staff
  • Kaleb Livingston – Experienced Audit Staff
  • Aimee Slaton – Experienced Audit Staff
  • Sihan Wang – Experienced Audit Staff
  • Joe Zukis – Experienced Audit Staff

Beijing & Shenzhen Offices

  • Miao Zhou – Audit Senior
  • Lisa Peng – Audit Senior
  • Qi Gao - Experienced Audit Associate
  • Zhuo Chen - Experienced Audit Associate
  • Xinyi Liu - Experienced Audit Associate
  • Qianlong Yang - Experienced Audit Associate
  • Shiwei Chen - Experienced Audit Associate
  • Zhike Zhu - Experienced Audit Associate

“Public accounting can be trying at times, and our firm is no stranger to working hard,” stated George Qin, Audit Partner. “We are immensely proud of how diligent everyone is and their commitment to getting the work done. These promotions are well earned and help MaloneBailey to continue offering quality service. Congratulations to all staff who have received promotions. We anticipate your continued professional growth."

About MaloneBailey, LLP

Based in Houston, Texas and with offices in Beijing and Shenzhen, MaloneBailey is a public accounting firm that delivers audit and tax services to small and mid-market companies, both publicly-traded and privately-held. MaloneBailey is among the top 11 firms that serves over 100 public company audit clients. MaloneBailey is a member of Nexia International. For more information about MaloneBailey, visit www.malonebailey.com.

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